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Anselmo Piccoli

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He was born in 1915 in Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina. He died in 1992 in Buenos Aires.

In 1942 he received a grant from the Culture Commission of Santa Fe Province. He was one of the founders of Mutualidad de Estudiantes y Artistas Plásticos de Rosario, together with Berni, Gambartes, Grela, Pantoja, among others.

He took part in the main official and private contests in Argentina, and was invited to participate in national biennials.

He was selected for the exhibition ‘Arte Argentino Contemporáneo’ in the Museum of Modern Art in Mexico City (1974) and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Madrid. He represented Argentina in the Cristóbal Colón Contest organized by the Union of Ibero-American Capital Cities, in Madrid (1983).

Among his many retrospective exhibitions, two of the most relevant ones are his paintings in Diego Obligado Art Gallery (2014) and ‘Avatares de la forma. De la figuración a la abstracción’ in Castagnino Fine Arts Museum (2016).

Among the prizes he received are: El Círculo Prize, National Salon of Rosario (1941); Acquisition Prize, National Salon (1942); Special Mention and Acquisition, Castagnino Fine Arts Museum (1943); Club del Orden Acquisition Prize, National Salon of Santa Fe (1944); Deolindo Saccone Acquisition Prize, National Salon of Santa Fe (1947); Acquisition Prize, Emilio Caraffa Fine Arts Museum, National Salon of Córdoba (1954); First Prize Acquisition, Art Salon of Misiones Province (1957); First Prize Acquisition, National Salon (1971); Third Prize, National Salon (1976); First Prize, National Salon of Santa Fe (1980); Second Prize, National Salon (1980); Fiat Concord Prize, National Salon (1981); First Prize, Manuel Belgrano Art Salon; Alfredo Fortabat Foundation Prize, National Salon (1983); Emilio Pettoruti Prize, National Arts Fund (1983); Honor Prize, National Salon (1984).

His works are part of institutional collections: Castagnino Fine Arts Museum, Rosario; Rosa Galisteo de Rodríguez Museum, Santa Fe; Town Hall Museum, Santa Fe; Caraffa Museum, Córdoba; National Fine Arts Museum, Buenos Aires; Museum of Modern Art, Buenos Aires; Sívori Museum; National Culture Department. They are also part of numerous private collections around the world.

Vibraciones estructurales, 1967 Oil on hardboard 122 x 122 cm

Sutil resonancia III, 1989 Oil on hardboard 35 x 35 cm

Subordinación a la luz, 1990 Oil on canvas 180 x 150 cm

Atracción, 1989 Oil on hardboard 35 × 35 cm

Ritmos, 1976 Oil on chapadur 100 x 180 cm

Ordenamiento vital, 1968 Oil on hardboard 120 x 120 cm

Untitled, 1974 Oil on canvas 80 x 80 cm

Sucesión rítmica, 1974 Oil on canvas 100 × 100 cm

Paisaje, 1965 Oil 54 x 34 cm

Paisaje, 1942 Oil on cardboard 22 x 34 cm

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