This publication, which gathers selected works of Laura Glusman, is also a
selection of chronological intervals. An exploration of the world as a place

inhabited and uninhabitable at the same time, is shown in her photographs and video frames. The bilingual edition includes texts by Andrea Ostera, Andrés Duprat,
Fernando Farina and Filippo Maggia.
Temporal is presented as a moment of contemplation in search of what may
happen between man and nature as an endless misunderstanding.

Publisher: Ediciones Diego Obligado
Author: Laura Glusman
Number of pages: 112
Number of illustrations: 100

Language: Spanish / English
Dimensions: 7,8 x 10,2 in.
Printer: Akian Gráfica Editora S.A
Publication year: 2016


Avatares de la forma
Anselmo Piccoli, de la figuración a la abstracción


A book that presents the work of this artist from Rosario, well-known for his career
in constructive abstract art.
In a richly drawn edition, the book presents a study by María Cristina Rossi, which
goes from Piccoli´s first works with his master Antonio Berni - at Mutualidad
Popular de Estudiantes y Plásticos from Rosario - to the geometrization of shapes,
the elaboration of his abstract-constructive poetics and the experimentation on his
last productions.
In a careful Spanish-English bilingual edition, the book collects the artist´s thought
in some essential texts and adds a narrative chronology of his career, illustrated
and accompanied by a gathering of the exhibitions, prizes and commentaries
related to his work.

Publisher: Ediciones Diego Obligado
Author: María Cristina Rossi
Number of pages: 216
Number of illustrations: more than 200
Language: Spanish / English
Dimensions: 11 x 9.05 in.
Printer: Borsellino Impresos
Year of publication: 2017

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